Monday, March 25, 2019

Keys for a Cause

Keys for a Cause is a Facebook group founded by Deborah Ellis over 18 months ago. At the time of its inception, Debbie was in the process of creating hand-crafted, hand-altered key pendants and wanted those keys to become something very positive. Hence, Keys for a Cause was born.

Debbie is deeply committed to helping cancer patients with their enormous costs of medical expenses. Many of those expenses are not covered by insurance companies. Travel, medicine, treatments, surgery, and rehabilitation, and help with things we take for granted such a cooking, child care, shopping etc. Enough to drive a cancer patient into bankruptcy.

 Keys for a Cause is a group on Facebook that is trying to raise awareness surrounding the financial burdens of people diagnosed with cancer. We wanted to find a way to help in some small way by extending a hand of caring and maybe a little financial relief.

Debbie asked me last year to participate in this group as a seller and try to raise some money for this cause. So far I have participated in two auctions, made new friends, found a new craft using vintage keys, and raised money to make a donation. 50% of the proceeds of our sales in this group goes to the current designee. Most have generously donated more.

Last year our Keys for a Cause recipient was a lady that was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. This last auction we had on March 17, was for someone with renal cancer and was given a short time to live, experimental drugs has extended her life.

 Whoever is reading this blog, take a few minutes and go to our Facebook group, (if you have an account) and check it out. Become a seller or buyer or both. All you have to do is read and agree to the buyer and seller rules and ask to join. The auctions we have are a blast and at the same time giving some help to someone who needs it.

Most sellers have albums with key related crafts. Pendants, brooches, keychains, necklace, earrings, and bracelets, and Debbie is working on a new craft, vintage key picture frames. Here is something she made for me as a thank you gift for being her co-admin of this group. Check out this picture frame made by Debbie Ellis.  Link to the group:

More key related accessories:

The following crafts are made by our current recipient: Phillis Dawson-Gonzalez.

Made by Debbie Ellis

Made by Diane Schamp

Made by Dee Thomas

Made by Pat Pint

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